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As Mayor, Eddie DeLoach has built a strong foundation for future growth - with historic investment in public safety, our children, our communities, and our businesses.


Now is the time for our community to build on that momentum for even more dramatic results for families across Savannah - and we can't afford to slow down.

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Investment in Public Safety

Keeping public safety the top priority and continuing to pursue historic and

aggressive solutions to make our streets safer

  • Over the last 4 years, Eddie has led Savannah to a 20% drop in violent and property crime, a 40% drop in homicide rates, and the lowest overall crime rates since record keeping began in 1985. 

  • With a strong pivot toward community-based policing, he’s led to change the face of the police department – with officers working with and within our neighborhoods to stop crime against business and property-owners.

  • And although we’ve seen tremendous movement toward a safer Savannah, Eddie will continue to invest heavily in our police force – with plans to increase pay for all officers and invest millions in new police technology and upgraded office space.

  • Eddie will continue to crack down on our community’s most violent and dangerous offenders – by pushing for targeted law enforcement like the Cold Case unit and Violent Crime unit, established under his leadership.

  • Finally, Eddie will put a renewed focus on fighting Domestic Violence in homes and neighborhoods across Savannah – working with local and county stakeholders to offer new resources and avenues of help to those threatened by and subject to abuse.

Investment in our Communities

Continuing to invest in solutions that make everyday life better for every neighborhood

  • Eddie has worked to make long-term improvements in our communities  investing to restore and revitalize aging infrastructure and neglected neighborhoods – while maintaining the integrity of our historic city.

  • In the 2019 SPLOST VIII alone, Eddie fought for $112.5 million for long-term improvements in our communities: 

    • $75 million to fix flooding and drainage infrastructure,

    • $20 million to repave and fix roads,

    • $10 million in affordable housing,

    • $5 million in traffic calming,

    • $1.5 million for Savannah Shines for new parks, sidewalks, and recreation facilities, and 

    • $1 million for new bike paths through Tide to Town.

  • Eddie launched the Savannah Shines Campaign, starting in the Edgemere/Sackville neighborhood, as a targeted program to clean up blighted properties and revitalize key neighborhoods.

  • He also led the effort to change state law regarding eminent domain for blighted properties – enabling the city to rebuild properties to create new affordable housing, starting on the long-neglected Cumming St. on the Westside of Savannah.

  • In our downtown neighborhoods, Eddie led the effort for new hotel/motel overlays to keep large developments outside of the downtown and historic areas of Savannah.

  • Eddie also helped enact ordinances to limit short-term vacation rental properties like Air BnB, to protect local housing markets and the character of downtown communities.

  • Over the next years, Eddie will continue to put a premium on protecting our historic communities, while making the strong investments in infrastructure and neighborhood upkeep – so that every citizen can enjoy safe and beautiful communities.

Investment in our Children & Families

Continuing to deliver real opportunity for upward mobility to families and students across Savannah

  • During Eddie's four years as mayor, the city of Savannah has seen a 20% drop in the poverty rate and a 50% drop in the unemployment rate.

  • Eddie has worked hard to ensure families in Savannah are given opportunities for long-term careers in high-paying industries – for students and parents alike.

  • Thanks to Eddie’s Summer 500 Program, close to 1,000 students have had the opportunity to intern and work in local businesses across Savannah – and were given the soft and hard skills training to embark on long-term career paths after graduation.

  • Through the mayor’s Job Fair program, Eddie has also connected over 2,000 individuals to high-paying jobs in a variety of industries across the city.

  • Eddie has also worked hard to give Savannah’s first-time offenders a second chance. Through the multi-agency Front Porch program, youth are diverted out of the criminal justice system and given new educational resources and support to build a better future.

  • Moving forward, Eddie will continue to encourage new job opportunities with programs like these so that all of our residents have a real shot at a better life.

Investment in our Businesses

Continuing to cut regulation and streamline government to make doing business easier for

Savannah’s job-creators

  • For the last several years, Savannah has continued to set records in job creation and unemployment numbers – a trend that has echoed across the state.

  • Locally, Eddie has worked tirelessly to create a business-friendly climate in Savannah, cutting the property tax rate by almost $2 million a 2.6% reduction to let our local businesses keep more of what they earn.

  • Eddie has also streamlined the permitting and licensing process to get businesses up and running faster – cutting down on government waste and consolidating city services.

  • Alongside local and state stakeholders, Eddie has worked to incentivize investment by some of the fastest growing industries in our state, including construction and transportation logistics.

  • Because of these policies, Savannah has welcomed a record number of businesses and jobs to the city – like Wayfair, which will bring over 1,000 jobs, and Plastic Express, which will make a $200 million investment in our region.

  • And although our AA1 Bond Rating continues to attract new business, Eddie will continue to fight for reforms and cuts so that doing business in Savannah is cheaper and easier – ensuring Savannah can welcome even more jobs and investment.